How we change lives with assistive technology

We offer a range of services to help disabled people live an independent life, from communication aids, assistive technology through to gaming solutions and more.

  • Individualised Console Gaming Setup Services

    Individualised Console Gaming Setup Services

    Sensation CTS customers enjoy the physical and mental benefits of playing computer and console games using Sean’s bespoke controller set-ups, which take the user’s unique range of movement into account.

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  • Communication Aid Services

    Communication Aid Services

    In collaboration with users, parents, teachers and therapists, Sean programmes communication software and layouts on a variety of Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCAs) and computers. Sensation CTS customers report vast improvements in their ability to communicate and their levels of independence.

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  • Assistive Technology Support

    Assistive Technology Support

    Using telephone and video conferencing, together with remote computer to computer support, Sensation CTS can investigate the cause of your problem even when we’re not in the room with you. Get in touch any time you have an issue and Sean will recommend a course of action to get your communication equipment running again.

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  • Assistive Technology Try Out Sessions

    Assistive Technology Try Out Sessions

    Sensation CTS offers fully supported try out sessions which are available to potential users. A try out session with Sean will help increase your awareness and understanding of different types of assistive technology, software and strategies that can improve your independence.

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  • Consultations & Advice

    Consultations & Advice

    In schools, people’s homes, residential care homes and places of work, Sean’s consultation and advice service has served to increase awareness and knowledge of how assistive technology can benefit people living with disability, as well as their teachers, parents, carers and colleagues.

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  • Assistive Technology Assessment Services

    Assistive Technology Assessment Services

    Sean’s personalised assessment services will help you to identify the technology and software that works best for you or the person you support. We’ll discuss how assistive technology can help you overcome some of the challenges presented by your specific disabilities, as well as providing opportunities to practically interact with a range of available assistive…

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