Consultations & Advice

Help and support from an assistive technology specialist.

A person using a joystick to control a computer
A person using a joystick to control a computer

Whether it’s assistive technology for your classroom, home, residential care home or workplace, a consultation with Sensation CTS will help you select and use the equipment that’s best for your individual needs. We can teach you how to effectively use the assistive technology you already have, or recommend new devices to help achieve your goals, whether that’s independent study, work or play.

Sensation CTS has advised many schools, support staff, parents and disabled users, helping them implement assistive technology in all aspects of daily life. Suffice to say, Sean has become a trusted assistive technology specialist throughout the UK. Communication aids, bespoke switches, voice recognition technology, eye gaze equipment and adapted toys and games are just some of the tools we can bring along to our consultation, giving you the opportunity to try out unfamiliar equipment, ask questions and evaluate the role assistive technology could play in your life. Meanwhile, we’ll get to know you and your bespoke needs in order to provide the very best advice and support.

When bringing assistive technology to classrooms, homes and workplaces, we get straight to it with personal and practical demonstrations. Many disabled people are able to begin using the assistive technology minutes into our consultations!

After our consultation, we can provide a full written quotation for the supply of assistive technology equipment. We also offer attractive rates for setting up your equipment in a way that best meets your individual needs. Enquire about our consultation & advice services to begin discovering how assistive technology can start improving your quality of life today.