Case Studies

Discover how we identify and provide assistive technology solutions for communication, entertainment, learning and independence.

These real life examples document some of the assistive technology solutions I’ve implemented for my clients, and share my thoughts, and theirs, on how the technology has impacted their lives and how it could help others.

Thanks for reading – Sean.

Over my 15+ years in the assistive technology field, I’ve worked with so many inspiring people who deal with difficult, limiting and often frustrating circumstances every day. I’ve also witnessed how advancing technology can provide life-changing accessibility solutions for disabled people when they have access to the correct equipment, and the right advice and support.

A visit to my clients involves setting up assistive technology to help them with activities like playing their favourite Xbox game, typing a letter to a friend or communicating with those around them. But I also look for adaptable ways to make this assistive technology as seamless as possible to use, so that families and support staff don’t need to be technical experts (as this is what tends to put people off assistive technology). Therefore, my clients’ new found independence stays with them after I’ve left the room.