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Changing Lives with Knowledge

Established in 2009 by Sean Carroll, we are Sensation Communication and Technology Solutions Ltd

What we do

and who we are

Since setting up Sensation Communication and Technology Solutions Ltd in 2009, Sean Carroll has brought information and advice, assessment and setup services to disabled people throughout the UK, helping them get the most from Information Technology for communication, leisure, learning, employment and overall quality of life.

With over 18 years’ experience in the field of assistive technology Sean has helped many disabled people living with a variety of illness and conditions including motor neurone disease (MND), cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and acquired brain injury (ABI), try out different technologies that have enabled them to do things that they have found to be of interest and benefit to them.

For many of the people Sean has helped, the experience of being introduced to and shown how to use assistive technology related equipment has helped inform their decisions about what is suitable for their individual needs and abilities, and affordable to them. For others who have previously acquired equipment thought to be able to make a difference to their lives but have had no support or ideas of how to use it, Sean has been able to show them how.

Available Equipment and software includes:

  • alternative mouse controllers such as joysticks, rollerballs and eye trackers, or eye gaze devices,
  • special access switches in the form of buttons, wobble switches and sound activated switches, and
  • domestic equipment, computers and games consoles for individuals to try controlling using the accessibility devices mentioned above.

Things that people are able to do with Sean’s support include:

  • using a computer for leisure, learning, work or communication,
  • controlling equipment in the home, including lights, fans and televisions etc.
  • augmenting their one to one communication through synthesised voice output,
  • playing or making music,
  • controlling video games,
  • sharing in any of the above with family, friends or support assistants.

Where appropriate, essential mounting devices are used in Sean’s bespoke technology sessions to position equipment within reach of the disabled user for their independent operation, despite the challenges that their individual disability might present be they sitting, standing or lying down.